• Ash Cave Day Spa

    Massage Therapy, Spa, and Wellness Services in the Hocking Hills of Southeastern Ohio

  • Welcome

    We are a day spa in the Hocking Hills of Southeastern Ohio. We opened in February 2016. It will be the first of it's kind in the area. We offer massages, spa, and wellness services . Located just 1 mile from Ash Cave State Park, the grounds are serene and beautiful.

    We offer in-cabin massages and some spa services that can be taken on the road for those that prefer to "stay home".

  • Menu of Spa Services

    Massage Therapy:


    From pure relaxation to therapeutic, Massage Therapy will help drain the tension from your body and the stress from your mind.

    Integrative Massage: A relaxing full body massage. Soothing motions encourage a calming effect on body and mind, while stimulating circulation.

    30 minutes – $45 – done as an add-on in conjunction with other services only
    60 minutes – $80
    90 minutes – $120


    Couples Massage: Two therapists, two clients, same room. Prices are double the above single massage prices.


    Pregnancy Massage: Massage for the expectant mother using a special set of cushions to ensure her comfort and safety.


    Cupping Massage - It's all the buzz at the Rio Olympics and now maybe you want to try it. Through suction, the skin is gently drawn upwards by creating a vacuum in a cup over the target area of the skin. The cup can be left in place or moved along the skin. It is believed by some to help treat pain, deep scar tissues in the muscles and connective tissue, muscle knots, and swelling. The type of cupping we do does not leave large bruises but redness may occur.

    *Note: Treatment times reflect 10 minutes of time to get on and off the table.*


    Specialty Treatments:


    Hot Stone: Experience Massage Therapy like never before with this incredible treatment. Gentle use of warm smooth Basalt stones. The deep penetrating moist heat relaxes the muscles and expands the blood vessels, creating a sedative effect on the nervous system.
    60 minutes – $100

    Sugar Scrub & Massage: Experience rejuvenation as a blend of essential oils and sugar scrub are used to gently exfoliate the body. Following a shower, you will delight in a relaxing full body massage.

    90 minutes – $120


    Sugar scrub & Botanical Mud Wrap: Experience rejuvenation as a blend of lavender sugar scrub and essential oils are used to gently exfoliate the body. An ultra-hydrating mud treatment follows that relaxes your whole body. Botanical mud detoxifies your body while re-mineralizing and firming your skin.

    60 minutes – $80


    A Treat for the Hands & Feet: Your whole body will thank you when you let us treat your feet to this incredible experience. First, we gently exfoliate with a lavender sugar scrub. Next, the Hands & Feet are treated to an intensive moisture mask. What follows is an extensive hand & foot massage that will be deeply relaxing, yet leave you relaxed and refreshed from head to toe.

    60 minutes – $80


    Spa-style Facial: Gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing of the face, neck, and décolleté for a relaxed and refreshed appearance.30 minutes – $45

    Back Refresher: A wonderful way to smooth those areas that are just out of reach. The back is cleansed and exfoliated with a scrub. A mud is then used to soothe and moisturize. This treatment will leave your back feeling silky soft and wonderfully relaxed. A massage is then done in the time allotted.

    60 minutes – $80


    Head to Toe: Our most decadent treatment. Experience the ultimate in relaxation. To begin enjoy a full body exfoliation followed by a mud wrap. While you are in the warm cocoon notice your tensions melt away. To complete your pampering, a full body massage is done to ease tired muscles.

    120 minutes – $160


    3-in-1: A little bit of everything. Sample our 3 most popular treatments: a 25 minute moisturizing facial treatment, a 25 minute relaxing massage, a 25 minute foot treatment.

    90 minute - $140


    Design Your Own: Got your own ideas? Consult with our spa director to put together a custom package designed just for you.


    Yoga - We offer yoga for individuals or groups. Eloise DelMatto has been a yoga instructor for 25+ years and she will cater a class to your needs. Call for pricing!


    After looking over our menu, scroll down to request an appointment.

  • NEW FOR 2019...

    Our Relaxation Room

    Enjoy our new Relaxation Room with another person or by yourself. We have a variety of state-of-the-art devices that promote relaxation, detoxification, health and healing using; far-infrared therapy, light, sound, motion, color, and aromatherapy. The room itself is infused with an aromatherapy blend of your choice. Two Himalayan Salt lamps are located at both ends of the table emitting healing negative ions. We will show you how to use the various tools and give you some pointers and advice then, you'll be free to experience them in your own time. Try everything or focus on just one or two.


    2 People: 1 hour - $60.00 or $50.00 hr with massage or spa services.

    1/2 hour - $40.00 or $30.00 with massage or spa services.

    1 Person: 1 hour - $40.00 or $30.00 hr with massage or spa services.

    1/2 hour - $25.00 or $20.00 with massage or spa services.

    Here are the items that will be at your disposal:

    Jade Tourmaline Far Infrared mat

    Produces warm, healing wavelengths of energy.

    This special heating pad that use FIR far infrared heat and penetrates deep into the body. Generating negative ions through jade and tourmaline stones. It can help you with pain relief, to prevent the intrusion of harmful pathogens and other substances into the body. It’s also said to help with immunity and to detox your body.

    Jade heating pad focus more on FIR benefits ,Jade is heated to emit FIR (far infrared) rays that penetrate the body at a depth of 5.5-6 inches. This produces benefits from the skin to the deeper areas if the body. Jade is an efficient absorber of natural infrared heat and passes it along to the body gently and smoothly. Researches have found that improve the blood circulation, reduce symptoms of chronic diseases, alleviate pain,revitalize skin cells, strengthen the brain.

    However , the Tourmaline heating pad is heated to emit Negative icons .negative ions increase collagen production, make cell membranes more permeable, and help strength the immune and autonomic nervous system.As a healing stone, tourmaline is said to reduce intestinal and skin problems, support the exchange or oxygen in the blood, improve circulation, and help with disease of the liver, skin, and autonomic nervous system. It is thought to improve the immune, endocrine, and lymphatic systems, heal insomnia, and stimulate regeneration throughout the body. Brown tourmaline is reputed to be an excellent grounding stone, aligning and protecting the etheric body. It is said to encourage community spirit and social commitment, heal dysfunctional relationships, and increase empathy and creativity.

    FIR Sauna

    Great for detoxification

    The supposed benefits of using an infrared sauna are similar to those experienced with a traditional sauna. These include:

    • better sleep
    • relaxation
    • detoxification
    • weight loss
    • relief from sore muscles
    • relief from joint pain such as arthritis
    • clear and tighter skin
    • improved circulation
    • help for people with chronic fatigue syndrome

    People have been using saunas for centuries for all sorts of health conditions.

    Chi Machine

    The Chi Machine has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people with many remarkable benefits reported by users

    Benefits of a Chi machine
    1) Temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, pains and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion.
    2) Temporarily increases local blood circulation and oxygen - relaxes muscles locally.
    3) Stimulation of Lymphatic System which promotes elimination of metabolic waste and toxins.
    4) Promotes Lymph drainage and massage.
    5) Healthy back support - used lying flat. No pressure placed on the spine.
    6) Promotes both mental focus and physical energy.
    6) Induces Alpha waves of relaxation in the brain coupled with stimulation of the spine's autonomic nervous system.
    7) Provides a unique experience, the rush of Chi energy through the body - enhances meditation.

    Proteus Light & Sound Machine

    The Proteus Advanced Light and Sound Stimulation System is known throughout the world to be one of the classic mind machines.

    The Proteus was the first BiColor mind machine which featured two color channels of LEDs in light glasses activated and mixed simultaneously. This creates a light show covering a wide range of up to 4,096 perceived colors.

    • Stunning visual experience
    • Brighten up!
    • Relaxation
    • Stimulate creativity and visualization
    • Mood shifter
    • Access deeply tranquil states
    • Meditation
    • Entertainment
    • Accelerated learning
    • Altered states of consciousness
    • Quiet the “Monkey Mind”
  • What We Offer

    Day Spa & Wellness in the Hocking Hills

    Spa with a unique Relaxation Room

    Come for a massage; stay for the experience

    We have a two room spa. Each room has a shower. One of the rooms is for couples, mother/daughter, girlfriend getaways, etc. Our singles room is also used as our Relaxation room for one or two guests. The decor and ambiance is casual and relaxed. The waiting area is spacious and there are outside decks, gazebos, and hiking trails on the property. There's WiFi for our guests.

    Memberships Available

    A great deal for our local friends

    We offer monthly memberships. Two types available:

    Once a month - $60.00 per massage

    Pre-purchased gift cards - $70.00 per massage (minimum of three services purchased per card)

    Contact us for details.

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  • Where to find us

    Call for directions: 740-332-0004

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  • Policies & Procedures

    Ash Cave Day Spa appreciates that you chose our facility for your massage and spa services. It is our absolute intention to provide top notch and personal care. In order to do that, the time that you schedule is time set aside for only you. We’d like to communicate some guidelines and policies in order to provide you an optimum session.

    Please arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment. This allows the therapists time to ask specific questions about any health issues, or your specific body needs for that day. Giving yourself a little bit of extra time also allows your body and mind to start to transition from an active busy mode, into a more relaxing receiving mode, thereby enhancing your massage experience. From the business and therapists’ side, it gives us the full time to actually have our hands on your tissues, keeps our business on schedule, and respects the next client’s scheduled therapy time.

    We understand that issues occur. It helps us a great deal if you call and let us know if you are running late. We will do our best to accommodate you.

    Please note that if you arrive late, we will likely have to shorten your session by that amount of time. Full price will be charged for the actual scheduled time. In return, we will make sure we are on time, and if for some reason we are not, we will give you the time back or adjust the price of the session.


    Cancellation Policy:

    Ash Cave Day Spa asks that you respectfully give a 24 hour notice of cancellation. Please call 740-332-0004 to cancel. Recognizing that we do set aside the scheduled time just for you, have other clients to consider and have to maintain a smoothly running business, we do find it necessary to charge for appointments that are missed.

    EFFECTIVE 10/15/18: For guests not staying with Getaway cabins we require payment in full at the time of your reservation. If you cancel within 24 hours or no show, YOU WILL BE CHARGED $40.00 PER PERSON FOR THE MISSED SESSION. Getaway Cabin guests who have canceled at the last minute or have failed to show up for a scheduled appointment will have their credit card on file charged the appropriate amount.


    Winter Weather Policy:

    The winter months are a beautiful time of the year here in the Hocking Hills. Winter in the Hills brings a unique set of challenges with it. The roads here are winding with lots of ups and downs. If there is a LEVEL 2 storm warning in place, we will not be going to cabins or working at the spa. If it's LEVEL 1 or less, we will make every effort to get to your cabin or the spa but understand, due to where some of these cabins are located (up steep, long, gravel drives, etc) we may not be able to get to you even if the main roads are clear. No one likes missing appointments more than us: we don't get paid....but safety must remain our first priority.